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Welcome to Penis Pump Education Series!


What are Penis Pumps?
     A Penis Pump is a cylinder with a motorized or manual pump that you fit over your cock that creates suction, drawing blood into your dick, and helping you get rock hard. Use Penis Pumps either to make your dick thick and long, or to achieve huge, throbbing erections in little to no time with minimal effort!
Penis pumps are easy to use, with or without your partner's help.
     First, a Cock Ringis fitted on the open end of the cylinder. Either pump it yourself, or have your partner do it for you, for a sensual experience guaranteed to drive them crazy as they watch your dick get bigger and bigger with every squeeze, or get one of our wild motorized products for hands free erections.
Finally, push the ring to the base of your erection and watch as your dick, bigger than ever, refuses to grow soft allowing for the long lovemaking sessions you've always dreamed of.
Penis Pumps are a great idea for treating erectile disorders for several reasons. Not only are they effective, they're also safe, can be used with other treatments, and can help men with medical conditions and recent surgical procedures attain huge erections that can last for up to a half hour.
There are four basic types of penis pumps. The Squeeze Ball (like the Head Coach Penis Pump) uses a device similar to that used to measure blood pressure in a doctor's office, and is ideal for comfortable use alone or with a partner. The Plungeruses something like a bicycle pump (like the Muscle Maxx Vacumn Penis Pump) and is best used with the assistance of a partner.  The hand grip penis pump (like the the Power Grip Pump) is the most popular with longtime users, and allows you to regulate pressure. Electric pumps (like the Private Power Stroker) let you keep your hands busy, sensually massaging your partners body or stimulating yourself while the pump cradles your dick and gives you an automatic erection you wouldn't believe possible. offers several beginner's pumps, such as the EZ Pump, the Rookie Penis Pump, and the Best Buy Pumpwhich will move you from beginner to expert in no time.
Our Master Strokeallows you to enjoy all the pleasures of a good night's fuck without a partner. Not only does it give you a pump for a huge erection; it also comes with three rings perfect for any size and a flesh sleeve that will make you never want to leave the house.
Use our transparent Stamina Pumpso you and your partner can watch your erection grow. The soft base and hand pump gives you maximum growth and an erotic experience that will make your partner beg you as you take as long as you want, or quiver with ecstasy as you get ready for a hot quickie that will allow for multiple lovemaking sessions.
Ladies, please don't think that sexual enhancement is only for your guy. Use our Pussy Pump Pluswith its easy one handed pump trigger and quick release valve. The extra lubrication will drive your partner crazy, while you enjoy the increased sensitivity of your clit. Cum fast and hard with a touch light as a feather from your partner.
Gentlemen, if you're alone and horny, use our Pump Worx Fanta Flesh Pussy Pump. Along with the silky feeling of a Fanta Flesh Pussy, you get a powerful mechanical pump  that creates lasting, throbbing erections. Once your hard, the pump doubles as a Suction-Masturbator. The clear cylinder allows you to see your giant erection, and the enhancement ring allows you delay ejaculation and keep your hard-on all night long.
Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for each of our products, and make sure to pump carefully, Lube both the cylinder and your junk generously, and not use the pump for more than 20 minutes.
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